This is your one-stop shop from start to finish - design to delivery.


We have one of the best Pre-Press department in the market. The best hardware, talent, and systems ensure the highest standards in quality. The pre-press equips the latest CTP machine, an imaging technology in which an image created in a desktop  application is directly output to a printing plate.

Whether you use your own artwork or our talented designers, the whole department works as a team to ensure that your final print looks exactly as you had imagined it. It is the pre-press department that lays the foundation of your beautiful brochures, annual reports, pamphlets, magazines and newsletters. Sheer experience and state of the art technical facilities ensure that you get nothing but the best.

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The Press is a huge floor housing the best Heidelberg machines capable of meeting all your printing needs - right from single color to six colors along with water-based printing. Fully automated, state of the art machines allows us to maintain quality, consistency and efficiency. A team of trained professionals man the printing floor, constantly monitoring, managing and assisting the printing.

The press is capable of handling all varieties and volumes of our customers printing needs, right from basic office stationery down to high profile advertising and promotional campaigns. We are proud to say some of the best publications and multinationals use our facilities and trust us to handle their precious brands.

From basic printing to complex printing, screen-printing, our machines and men can handle any assignment. Their ability is an asset that makes us confident in our commitment to your


The Post-Press is the one of the most active corners of Lucky Press. It’s not just how we start the job but also how we finish the job that guarantees quality and satisfaction. Print is never complete until its finished, the process that turns flat sheets into the finished article, often this can be the most difficult bit to get right.

A variety of machines and experienced hands bind together your valuable publications, newsletters, flyers and other printed matter. The efficient machines and nimble human hands, supported by computers and automation come together to fold, bind, stitch, glue, and punch or number the printed matter as per your instructions. They maintain speed, consistency and quality.

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We believe that binding quality separates the good from the bad publications. Whatever your need, the Post-Press has men and machines to deliver up to the highest standards of quality and finish. Right from the industrious task of die cutting, which gives shape to your imagination, onto the mechanical task of numbering, the Post Press strives to give you quality with consistency. One without the other is absolutely nothing.